Frequently Asked Questions

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Our conditions

My child is 3, can she/he play any games ?

Yes, here is the interactive map showing the access.

Even if my child is not of the recommended age for the game, can she/he access it if I take responsibility ?

No, we ask you to respect the access conditions of each game. You can refer to the park’s map to have knowledge of these conditions.

Can I charge my electric vehicle ?

Yes, we have a EPAV (Electric Power Assisted Vehicle) spot at your disposal (32A outlet).

Have you got PRM parking spots ?

Yes, 6 spots are reserved, near the customer service desk on Parking 1.

Can I get out of the park and come back after ?

Yes, a stamp is at your disposal at the exit : you stamp yourself so you can come back in again.

I have a disability, what is the entrance price ?

If you carry a disability card, your entry is 8€ worth. If you need a guide/companion, his/her entry will be free.

Note that: trails are accessible for wheel chairs for the most, we keep on working to make them as practicable as possible.

My child is underage, can I let him/her in your amusement park for the day ?

If your child is under 14 years old, no you cannot let him/her alone in the park.

If your child is over 16 years old, he/she can enter alone.

If your child is between 14 and 16, you must fill in a form and give it to us signed the day of your arrival.

What is the best way to dress up to enjoy Le Village des Fous ?

A nice relaxed clothing like when you take a walk in the forest, that will be perfect !

Are swimming suits mandatory to enjoy water games ?

Swimming suits are not mandatory but some water slides have a resin or a tarpaulin coating which may be damaged if we rub them with metallic buttons from shorts or pants. If your clothe may damage the game, the access will not be delivered to you.

Can I bring my pic-nic table, my chairs and my sunshade ?

Why bother yourself ? Tables are at your disposal everywhere in the park and shade zones are set up.

Are Piñatas, confettis and streamers allowed ?

No, they are forbidden.

Are dogs allowed in the park ?

No, no pet is allowed in the amusement park.

My child is in the park, I want to enter to get him/her.

Any entry is the amusement park needs a ticket. Make sure you can contact the ones taking care of your child or schedule a meeting in front of the park entrance.

It's raining but the park does not close. I want to get paid off.

I did not make a reservation for my child's birthday, can I benet from the « 1 offered adult, 1 invite for the child » offer ?

Le Village des Fous got evacuated by the amusement park's management, can I come back ?