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Are swimsuits compulsory in water games ?

It depends on which water game.

Bathing clothing is compulsory to access the 3-track “Glisse-vite” water slide. This includes swim briefs, T-shirts and swim shorts, burkinis and covering lycra outfits (to avoid any risk of strangulation in the slides, the head and neck cover must consist of a tight-fitting piece attached to the garment and not into a large, floating insert).

In all other water games (“Splash-beach”, “Super Glissade”, “Zoom Floom”), swimsuits are recommended but light clothing such as cotton or synthetic shorts and T-shirts are allowed, as well as underwear (for children only).

Full-length clothing worn outside such as sarongs, jeans, joggers and jilbab are prohibited.

My child is 3, can she/he play any games ?
Yes, here is the interactive map showing the access.
Even if my child is not of the recommended age for the game, can she/he access it if I take responsibility ?
No, we ask you to respect the access conditions of each game. You can refer to the park’s map to have knowledge of these conditions.
Can I charge my electric vehicle ?

No, we don’t have a spot yet.

Have you got PRM parking spots ?
Yes, 6 spots are reserved, near the customer service desk on Parking 1.
Can I get out of the park and come back after ?
Yes, a stamp is at your disposal at the exit : you stamp yourself so you can come back in again.
I have a disability, what is the entrance price ?

If you carry a disability card, your entry is 9,50€ worth. If you need a guide/companion, his/her entry will be free.

Note that: trails are accessible for wheel chairs for the most, we keep on working to make them as practicable as possible.

My child is underage, can I let him/her in your amusement park for the day ?
If your child is under 14 years old, no you cannot let him/her alone in the park.

If your child is over 16 years old, he/she can enter alone.

If your child is between 14 and 16, you must fill in a form and give it to us signed the day of your arrival.

What is the best way to dress up to enjoy Le Village des Fous ?
A nice relaxed clothing like when you take a walk in the forest, that will be perfect !
Can I bring my pic-nic table, my chairs and my sunshade ?
Why bother yourself ? Tables are at your disposal everywhere in the park and shade zones are set up.
Are Piñatas, confettis and streamers allowed ?
No, they are forbidden.
Are dogs allowed in the park ?
No, no pet is allowed in the amusement park.
My child is in the park, I want to enter to get him/her.
Any entry is the amusement park needs a ticket. Make sure you can contact the ones taking care of your child or schedule a meeting in front of the park entrance.
It's raining but the park does not close. I want to get paid off.
I did not make a reservation for my child's birthday, can I benefit from the « 1 offered adult, 1 invite for the child » offer ?
No, for any organisation, reservation must be done the day before at the most.
Le Village des Fous got evacuated by the amusement park's management, can I come back ?
Dessin d'une paire de ciseaux avec des yeux qui suivent des pointillés

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