Interactive map of the park

The new Village des Fous

In 2022, our park changes skin and offers you brand new games !

For you this year, the park was entirely redesigned. New games and discoveries spaces were built, installations were moved and reorganised by game type where each and every zone is dedicated to the moving body.

Don’t wait any longer : come visit the different districts of this village one of its kind!

Challenge District

1 – The Centrifuge

From 12 yo or 140cm (4’6 ft).

défi centrifugeuse

A body spinner that you shake you up from head to feet. Challenge : hold on as long as possible without losing your head (or your feet!)

2 -The Soaped Board (new)

From 8 yo or 120 cm (3’9 ft).

Planche savonnée attraction

Climb this slippery slope with the help of a large stick and by the only strength of your arms. But be careful it’s easy to tumble out…

3 – The Reaper

From 8 yo or 120 cm (3’9 ft).

Jeu et attraction La Faucheuse

Imagine… One person pedals in the centre to action the reaper… There will be only one left !

4 -The Torment of the Wheel (new)

From 8 yo or 120 cm (3’9 ft).

It is a spinning torment…
Do not get close at all…
You are warned !

5 -The Ruthless Chess

Accessible to all ages.

jeu échecs

XXL version of the most classic : chess.
But why ruthless ?
The rules aren’t the ones you may know…

6 -The Void’s Crossing

Accessible to all ages.

Jeu Traversée du néant

What a mess!
If you engage in, you must be able to get out of it…

7 -The Giant Snakes & Ladders

Accessible to all ages.

Jeu de l'oie géant

Snakes & Ladders ? Ha ! Easy !
Maybe not when you are the pawn and your evolution depends on someone else…

8 – The crasy Maze

From 8 yo or 120 cm (3’9 ft).

dédale des 5-glés

This maze is filled with obstacles that you will have to cross : climbing wall, straw labyrinth, climbing nets… will you be up to it ?

9 – The Upside-down Cabin

Accessible to all ages.

cabane dans les arbres

The ground at the ceiling’s place, the chimney to the floor’s… How do we climb in there ? Thanks to a net ! It looks like Le Bois des Lutins for the crazy ones.

Vertigo District

10 – The Skydive

From 8 yo or 120 cm (3’9 ft).

Aérolienne vertige

Gain height comfortably seated and discover the sensation of taking wing.
Forward but also backwards!

11 – The Crazy jump

From 12 yo or 140cm (4’6 ft).

saut dans le vide


3 meters of free fall, without a parachute!

12 – The Nautic Jet (new)

From 8 yo or 120 cm (3’9 ft).

Air Flotte - Attraction

Experience extravagance :
have you ever been on a flying boat?
It’s a boat that vrrrr… feeoowwww… splashhhhh!

13 – The Vertigo Experience (new)

Accessible to all ages / Accessible to P.R.M.

illusion d'optique

Illusions, games, experiences and handling defy your senses!
Easy to feel dizzy…

14 – The Flusterer

Accessible to all ages / Accessible to P.R.M.

jeu de perception

The flusterer defies your perception.
Hold on tight, it’s gonna swing!
Will you keep your balance?

15 – The Affil Tower

From 8 yo or 120 cm (3’9 ft).

tour Affil

The famous Affil Tower and its 13 meters high which will allow you to see far away if you have good sight (and even further if you have a very good sight).

16 – The Absurdos

Accessible to all ages / Accessible to P.R.M.

Labyrinthe absurde

Vegetal labyrinth of questions which we cannot make head or tail of (still it would have to be possible to face a question with head and tail).

17 – The Crazy Escape

From 8 yo or 120 cm (3’9 ft).

escape Game

Just like an Escape Game, this Crazy Escape will make you lose your mind. Will you be able to crack the code to find your way out?

Rebound District

18 – The Screwy TV

Accessible to all ages.

Become actor and actress by penetrating into the Screwy TV and submit to the audience judgement. Will you be zapped ?

19 – The Jumping Pillow

From 8 yo or 120 cm (3’9 ft).

Run, jump, dance!
The Jumping Pillow is the perfect place to have a whale of a time!

20 – The Little Caving (new)

From 4 yo or 105 cm (3’4 ft).

A game filled with traps where the goal is to get to the top.

21 – The Cow’s nest

Accessible to all ages.

The cow nested at Le Village des Fous. You can go say hi to her and get back down through the slide.

22 – The Soft Water

Accessible to all ages.

eau molle

Discover what it does to walk on water. Will you enjoy this new way of walking, to the point of adapting it to land?

23 – The Goofytrampos

From 8 yo or 120 cm (3’9 ft).


With the Goofytrampos, try to touch the sky, but be careful not to remain hooked to a cloud.

24 – The Happy Hamsters

From 8 yo or 120 cm (3’9 ft).

Jeux des hamsters

Embark into these funny wheels. Be careful, you might end up with your arms on your forehead, your feet on your head and your nose in your socks.

Aquatic District (accessible from June to September)

25 – Hold-your-pants

From 4 yo or 105 cm (3’4 ft).

jeu de glisse aquatique

Gather speed and throw yourself flat out on these aquatic ways to go as far as possible.
Will you get to the finish lane ?

26 – The Floom

From 4 yo or 105 cm (3’4 ft).

jeu descente aquatique en bouée

Jump in a rubber ring and hurtle down the Floom. Will you go faster than the Zoom?

27 – The Zoom

Accessible to all ages.

attraction de glisse aquatique

Experience the pinguins’ sliding sensations on this wet slope.
Thrill guaranteed and aquatic landing !

28 – The Fast Slide

From 8 yo or 120 cm (3’9 ft).


Aquatic slides that slide fast, very fast !
Take off, speed…
And a big Splash at the end !

29 – Water bombs

Accessible to all ages / Accessible to P.R.M.

bataille de bombes à eau

Water bomb battle with catapults to fight to get wet even better.(bombs are biodegradable)

30 – The Splage

Accessible to all ages / Accessible to P.R.M.

jets d'eau

What’s a splashing beach ? A Splage.

Younger Ones District

31 – The Short-Wheels

From 4 yo or 105 cm (3’4 ft).

Jeu rase-roulette

Experiment very close to the ground moves by driving these funny short wheeled machines.
It goes fast, it goes slow, you decide!

32 – The Spitting Cannons

From 4 yo or 105 cm (3’4 ft).

Canons cracheurs

And psshhhhht !

You got soaked !

33 – The Whirlwind (new)

From 4 yo or 105 cm (3’4 ft) / Accessible to P.R.M.

jeux qui fait tourner

Hoold onn tiighttttt! 
It’s about to spiiiin!

34 à 38 – The Village

Accessible to all ages.

Le Village

The Jumping Discoclub (accessible to PRM), the Post-Office and its slide, the Soaking Mill, the Spinning House, the Upside-Down House.

39 – Cannon balls

From 4 yo or 105 cm (3’4 ft) / Accessible to P.R.M.

Canon à balles

Bing! Bang! Boom!
Foam balls battle!
If you get hit, you’re out. HOP IT!

40 – The Displaced Swing (new)

From 4 yo or 105 cm (3’4 ft).

balançoire en bois

At last a swing made for all the family members.

41 – The Small Experiences

Accessible to all ages.

Petites expériences

Handling games and discoveries to wake your brain and your mastermind up.

42 – The Dark World

From 4 yo or 105 cm (3’4 ft).

Monde obscur

and its labyrinth:
at one point you don’t know if you have your eyes closed or open !

The Slide District

43 – The Flying Luges

From 4 yo or 105 cm (3’4 ft).

Attractions luges dans les arbres

Our suspended netting track will make you feel like you’re flying between the trees well seated in your luge. Come on, let’s fly!

44 – The Giant Slide

From 8 yo or 120 cm (3’9 ft).

Toboggan géant

Hold on tight ! This slide makes you hurtle down the heart of a pine forest.

Lay down… GO!

The Coastin’ District

45 – The Pedal Go-Karts

From 4 yo or 105 cm (3’4 ft).

Karts à pédales

Put on your driving gloves and throw yourself into a crazy race.
1, 2, 3, Go!

Along the trail

46 – The Short Zipline

From 4 yo or 105 cm (3’4 ft).


For those who don’t enjoy heights,
try the short zipline and you’ll get to the Skydive later.

47 – The Crazy Snooker

Accessible to all ages.

Billard maboul

For those who can’t make up their mind if they prefer playing football or snooker. Here, you can do both at the same time!

48 – The Flying Bathtub

From 4 yo or 105 cm (3’4 ft).

Baignoire volante

Taking a bath has never been so trippy.

49 – The Top Slope

From 4 yo or 105 cm (3’4 ft).


Close your eyes and and throw yourself into this vertiginous slope.

Dessin d'une paire de ciseaux avec des yeux qui suivent des pointillés

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