The snack is committed !

Organic and short circuit are on schedule!

Cagnes-sur-Mer and Saint-Laurent-du-Var’s small producers supply us delicious season fresh vegetables which will come into our salads and sandwiches, elaborated on the spot by our care.
We also wish to offer fresh bread made by a baker artisan.
We take out 90% of plastic from our disposable range to biodegradable.
The snack bar team (independant company from the parks)

Chil Formula

Chil Formula


5 nuggets, chips
little water bottle or fruit juice
1 Fruit purée or 1 fresh fruit

Veggie Formula gluten free

Veggie Formula gluten free


Gluten free veggie sandwich
1 beverage of your choice
1 fruit purée or fruit salad
or gluten free pastry

Salad Formula

Salad Formula


1 salad of your choice
1 dessert of your choice
1 beverage of your choice

Sandwich Formula

Sandwich Formula


(1€ extra for pan bagnat)
1 cold sandwich of your choice (Veggie excluded)
1 dessert of your choice
1 beverage of your choice

Panini Formula

Panini Formula


1 panini of your choice
1 dessert of your choice
1 beverage of your choice

Gourmet Formula

Gourmet Formula


1 american sandwich or shish kebab
1 dessert of your choice
1 beverage of your choice

(Menus do not include alcohol, large water bottle, nor granita)

Organize your birthday snack with the park snack

Birthday menu: 6 people minimum

choice between cakes and crepes
Book your birthday Formula by web

sandwich du jour snack du parc

All of our sandwiches and salads homemade

Hot meals

Fish&Chips (fried fish fillet around 150g) 9,50 €
Chickenburger, chips, salad (tomatoes, fried chicken around 120g, fresh onions, emmental) 10,50 €
Cheeseburger, chips, salad (tomatoes, 150g french ground beef, fresh onions, emmental) 10,50 €
Fishburger, chips, salad (tomatoes, fried fish filet, fresh onions, emmental) 10,50 €
Veggie burger, chips, salad (tomatoes, vegetable steak, fresh onions, emmental) 10,50 €
with extra gluten free bread 1,50 €
Beef, chips, salad (150g french ground beef) 9,50 €
Nuggets, chips, children portion (5 nuggets) 6,50 €
Nuggets, chips, salad (8 nuggets) 9,50 €
Chips 200g 2,80 €
Extra 90g sausage 1,50 €

Hot sanswiches

Shish-kebab (tomatoes, salad, mix of veal and grilled halal poultry, fresh onions and chips) 9,50 €
American sandwich (baguette, tomatoes, salad, 150g french ground beef, emmental, chips) 9,50 €
Hot Dog (90g sausage, fried onions) 5,00 €


7.00 €
“Luciole” panini (tomatoes, ham, emmental)
3 cheeses panini (tomatoes, mozzarella, emmental, goat cheese)
Italia panini (tomatoes, mozzarella, raw ham, pesto)
«Loopy» panini (tomatoes, chicken, goat cheese and honey)

Cold sandwiches

Ham, cheese and pickle sandwich 4,50 €
Chicken club sandwich (tomatoes, salad, chicken, emmental) 5,90 €
Veggie Gluten free (Bread gluten free, eggplant, zucchini, red peppers marinated and grilled, tomatoes, salad and cream cheese) 7,80 €
Le Pan Bagna (tomatoes, salad, red peppers, onions, egg, tuna, anchovy) 6,80 €


Tomato Mozzarella (mesclun, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto)
Niçoise (mesclun, tomatoes, red peppers, onions, egg, tuna, anchovy)
Chicken Caesar (romaine lettuce, chicken, tomatoes, crouton, parmesan chips)


Margarita (tomato sauce, mozzarella, oregano) 9,00 €
Reine (tomato sauce, cheese, mushroom, ham, oregano) 9,90 €

Crepes and desserts

Sugar crepe 2,90 €
Lemon crepe 3,10 €
Fruit jam crepe 3,30 €
Honey crep
e or chestnut crepe 3,30 €
Nutella crepe 3,60 €
Nocciolata crepe 3,80 €
Nutella panini 3,60 €
Nocciolata panini 3,80 €
Extra whipped cream 0,50 €
Pastry (pie, cake, muffin) 3,20 €

Fruit salad (depending on season) 3,50 €
Fruit purée 1,50 €

Payment method allowed for catering part:
CASH (except 500€ and 200€ bills), Bank card (except AMEX), Luncheon voucher, ANCV (French National Holiday Voucher Agency).
Modes de paiement village des fous : CB / Visa / MasterCard / Espece / a.n.c.v. / Ticket restaurant

Snack du Village des Fous

Villeneuve-Loubet (06)
Independant snack bar
Sarl Maïlys
Open every opening day of the PARK

Dessin d'une paire de ciseaux avec des yeux qui suivent des pointillés

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