Special works council ticketing

Our amusement park at a « privilege » price.

Advantageous prices 2024

from 4 to 7 years old: €12  (or €240 for a book) instead of €15 excluding summer and €15,50 on summer season
from 8 to 64 years old: €15 (or €300 for a book)  instead of €17,50 excluding summer and €18,50 on summer season.

Books are valid for 3 seasons in a row (the current season + 2 years). Books purchased in 2024 are valid until the end of 2026 season. The validity date is written on the tickets.

Order your books (1 book = 20 tickets) by filling in the form

For any question, you can reach out to us by phone 04.92.02 06.06.

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Informations about our order

A ticket book contains 20 tickets for the Village des Fous exclusively

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Tickets for the park are valid the current season plus two seasons
(any purchase done in 2024 is valid until November 2026 included).

What can be done in case of unsold article?

Unsold entries at the end of their validity date can be taken back or deduced from a new order (within the limit of a season : in 2022 we take back the unsold articles from end of validity of 2021, not 2019). At the time of your new order, let us know the amount of unsold tickets by age groups along with the corresponding invoice number. These tickets are worth a payment, they will have to be given back before the delivery of the new order, or when you come to get it on site

How to order?

1 –  Fill in the form
2 – Choose the number of books you need (1 book = 20 tickets)
3 – Select you payment method

How to get your ticketing back ?

To receive your entries, you have two options:

1 – You come to get it at the park : we let you know when the entries are ready and we agree together on the perfect moment so you can get your order at the main desk.
2 – You would rather get it delivered: choose the « deliver » option (€10.00 for shipping) and make your delivery purchase in advance. We send you the entries as soon as they are ready. 

To get your entries, you must make payment. No ticketing will be given without a previous or simultaneous payment.


Dessin d'une paire de ciseaux avec des yeux qui suivent des pointillés

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